Need and Looking for Private Tour Guide in Bangkok Thailand? Guide RIANA, Able to Communicate in 4 Language: English, Chinese, Indonesia, and Thai

By SHIETRA - September 18, 2019


"We Will Show You, the Beauty of Thailand People, Culture, Food, Animals, Souvenirs, and Landscape! AMAZING THAILAND, have Fun Together with Your Family Members and Your Lovers..!" (Guide Riana)

Make your dream vacation plans to Thailand, no longer just dreams, with RIANA PRIVATE TOUR GUIDE.

Need and Looking for Private Tour Guide in Bangkok Thailand? Guide RIANA, Able to Communicate in 4 Language: English, Chinese, Indonesia, and Thai

Want traveled to the "white elephant country" and "land of a thousand temples", Thailand, enjoy the exotic beauty of nature and the beauty of the culture and culinary of Thailand which is full of fantasy but real, with family or with friends but the budget does not match the cost of the tour provided by a Conventional Tour Agent company with a cost of reaching thousands of USD for just one tour participant? If we multiply by the number of family members who want to participate, then the value will be very high cost.

Or, feel uncomfortable when taking a formal tour agenda that is less personal and inflexible (often the formal tour agenda is very rigid and inflexible but very expensive, so tourists who participate in the tour do not feel free and must follow the agenda set unilaterally by the tour company without being able to speak much especially conveying a demand or request, besides the tour participants who very much make it less comfortable to follow conventional tours)?

Tour Leader Riana
No need to worry, friends who want to backpaker with groups of friends or for foreign tourists who want to travel by inviting and bringing family members, can still travel and enjoy various tourist attractions in Thailand, without having to feel confused or lost while traveling in Thailand. Riana Tour Leader offers Tour Guide services for groups of foreign tourists, by mastering 4 languages (Indonesian, Mandarin / Chinesse, English, and Thai), ready to offer Private Tour Guide services according to the agreement with service users.

The beauty of Multiculturalism in Thailand, welcoming and friendly Thai citizens. We are all Friends

Bangkok Thailand PRIVATE TOUR GUIDENo need to pay expensive for the tour costs offered by conventional "costly" Tour Agent companies. Simply prepare your suitcase and than left for Thailand with a healthy condition, then enjoy the entire tour agenda as planned with Riana Tour Leader who will compile and propose a tour agenda, tourist objects to be visited, guidelines for choosing modes of transportation between cities and within cities (rental vehicles for pickup and tour trips are optional, can be requested along with the cost of rental transportation), recommended hotel that is affordable but clean, visit a culinary center that is much favored by foreign tourists, visit various shopping centers that sell typical Thai trinkets, and will guide groups of foreign tourists, from welcoming when arriving at Bangkok Airport to traveling and adventure while in Thailand, FULL TIME, until returning to Bangkok Airport before the departure of participants of the tour return to their home country safely.

The tariffs of services adapted to the number of members of the group as well as how long the period of travel time tour takes. Tour participants will not be mixed with other tour groups, unless there is permission from each tour service user. All costs such as airplane tickets, transportation while in Thailand, accommodation, and culinary, are borne by each service user (unless otherwise agreed with Guide Riana). Tour Guide Riana only charges Private Tour Leader fees as a Guide fee. It is suitable for those who want to backpaker with friends, or for one family who wants to travel to Thailand privately, personally and economically.

All planned activities and visits to attractions as well as culinary and shopping centers while in Thailand, can be discussed and planned together between service user tourists and the Riana Tour Leader. Guide Riana serves as a family, like her own family, so that service user tourists can feel more comfortable and free to discuss and plan the agenda of activities while in Thailand. This flexible and can be planned together is one of the advantages of Riana's Private Tour.

Meanwhile, for client service users who do not want to bother visiting planning, Guide Riana also provides tour packages such as 2 days 1 night Tour (Tour 2D1N), Tour 3D2N, Tour 4D3N, etc, with a menu of places / attractions and destinations in Bangkok and outside the city of Bangkok in Thailand like Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Pattaya, Phuket, Hua Hin, Ayutthaya, etc (Thailand is known for its beauty, but it's not just Chiang Mai or Pattaya. Thailand is very broad). Guide Riana Notes: Specifically for "island tours" such as Phi Phi Island and Crabi Island, Guide Riana does not serve, but is only limited to being a "beach tour" Guide, since Guide Riana feels "drunk (while riding a boat) at the sea".

Thus, Guide Riana provides 2 types of service options : tourist object and location "based on demand / request" or "based on package", or combination of it. Please communicate your family's dream vacation plans with Riana's Private Guide.

OPTIONAL, Professional Photographer :  There are also other additional services of Guide Riana, such as clients / service users can submit special requests (when discussing travel plans), additional service fees may include additional services relating to Tour Guide period, a professional photographer with a high resolution camera,ready to accompany the group / client service users to capture beautiful moments during their visit while in Thailand through a photo shoot. Tour members as service user with this special request, no need to be bothered by a photo session, just bring a memory card that will be installed on the camera that we provide by our photographer, which will be returned when the tour session is over.

More specifically, Guide Riana also provides tour packages in Thailand based on travel themes. For example, for tourists who are Buddhist can use the combination package options such as the first 4 days of travel using "Temple tour packages in Thailand" by visiting various famous temples in Thailand. Meanwhile, for those who like culinary, can choose the package tour option "Culinary Tourism in Thailand", and for those who are on their honeymoon (honeymooners) you can also choose a tour package "Tourist Attractions in Thailand Suitable for Honeymoon / Celebrate Wedding Anniversary", or who likes water tourism can use a tour package "Lake and Beach Tours in Thailand".

Riana's tour leader will make your visit and tour in Thailand memorable and enjoyable, because Tour Leader Riana knows very well what foreign tourists most like when they go to Thailand (Tour Leader Riana was born and grew up in Indonesia, learning Chinese Language in China, before then living and settling permanently in Bangkok, Thailand). Tour Leader Riana also very friendly to children, so that tour participants do not need to worry about bringing groups of children and baby.

When a tour participant using a service from tour agency company's (formal tour packages), often the vacation does not really feel like a vacation, because it is governed by the agenda of the tour company's unilateral event, and tour members who don't know each other and maybe don't necessarily fit together with one another, or attractions that turned out to be less favored (not suitable, not according to their interests) without being able to select the object to visit and the number of travel days. Using Freelance / Private Tour Leader services, it is the smartest and most rational solution.

Thailand has the main advantages of cities and tourist destination country that have been recognized by the world, nature that is still sustainable and maintained its beauty and fertility, and designed to resemble a fairytale country by the government and its citizens so that their country can be so friendly to foreign visitors, completely designed and arranged neatly for all the tourists both local and foreign, besides the friendliness of the locals people, and the affordable culinary prices.

Another major advantage of Thailand, for example, just depart from Bangkok by public train for a few hours, then tourists will be able to visit a variety of extraordinary amazing attractions such as "fairyland" which is completely magical and fascinating, especially the natural beauty and animals that are still sustainable. Food centers in Bangkok and areas in Thailand, such as the honey bee breeding garden, unique tourist destinations such as visiting a typical Thailand textile convection factory that can be visited by foreign tourists, culinary roasted squid in Pattaya (suitable for souvenirs), Chiang Mai stunning waters and delicious local dishes, riding an elephant, tasting tea mixed with native Thai milk, enjoy Thai durian, which is delicious and has big flesh, various Thai cultural arts performances, colorful Thai festival that brings impressions and meaning, watching the Muay Thai show (Thai Boxing, traditional Thai martial arts), the spiritual life of the local people of Thailand, and many other things that can be witnessed and recorded its beauty--several moments that will not be forgotten and ready to be photographed as a memento that will not be forgotten with your best friend or beloved family.

For those who like fashionable clothes, in Thailand can also be encountered sales centers clothing and apparel, dresses, beauty and health accessories, and various models of trousers or formal overalls or casual style models, with a very soft material texture, even the material is made from a kind of flexible material (can adjust the curves with our body as a unique kind of rubber on fabric), but cool like a cotton cloth, besides the fashionable model, and very comfortable to wear, but at an affordable price. Tour participants can also request to the Guide Riana, if there is information about bazaar trendy fashion "Made in Thailand" during a visit in Thailand and take the time to go visit it.

In just a matter of hours departing from Bangkok by public train, tourists will be treated to the following dreamland fairy tale world: (The photos and videos below are original, not fiction! All photos and videos recorded / photographed by and are Riana's Tour Leader Copyright)


Tourists who use RIANA's Private Tour services will experience the local Thai-style walks, which can be requested. Resembles an informal adventure in nature, because this is not offered by Conventional Tour Agents who tend to have a formal agenda of the event, as one of the advantages of the RIANA Guide which for that will take tourists to the places that local people visit to know the daily life of Thai people, mingle with Thai culture, touch Thai life, and become part of Thai (although only for a few days during a tour). So that private tour participants can taste snacks that have never existed in formal stories, where when you go on a tour with a conventionalistic Tour Agent, you won't be able to find anything especially unique from Thailand. To understand what is "typical Thai tourism" that is typical of Thailand Local People, one of which you can see is here : Unique Story of Culinary Tourism in Thailand with RIANA Private Tour Guide, Get to Know STREET FOOD

We want to share many unique stories about Thailand, natural beauty, cultural diversity, the friendliness of the local people, the unique architecture, the fertility of the land, the trinkets, besides of course it is the wonder of its unique Thai culinary tastes as a memento that will not be forgotten.

One of the other unique experiences when Guide Riana guides foreign clients when coming to Thailand, is when Guide Riana accompanied an Indonesian citizen who came specifically to Thailand to do plastic surgery at one of the hospitals in Thailand. Because the client, who is a service user, cannot speak English, Guide Riana joins in to accompany her to the medical operating room, became a translator for the client who was lying on the operating table, so Guide Riana also saw the operation process from beginning until the end of the surgery process.

Luckily the operation went well, then Guide Riana guided and accompanied clients who were now waiting for the recovery period and checked up at the hospital. So Guide Riana also provides assistance services such as a secretary who helps register, pick up at the airport, find lodging, find food, and take the client back to the airport. Then, can also request to take a walk to enjoy the beauty of Bangkok after recovering from treatment at a Thai hospital, while buying souvenirs typical of Thailand to take home. Amazingly the doctor in Thailand, in the two days after the operation, the patient no longer felt too painful on her face.

Remarkably the doctor "cosmetic surgery" (aesthetic facial surgery) in Thailand, in the two days after surgery, the patient no longer felt too painful on her face. Like a miracle, on the third day, the patient no longer need takes any "pain killer" drug. Either the doctor is great and skilled, or the patient is so great because she recovered so fast. Maybe that too, the patient who is actually also a user of Riana's Private Tour Guide service, chose to undergo "plastic surgery" in Thailand and asked for help in the form of Guide Riana's services to register, accompany, and guide while in Thailand.

According to information provided by Riana's Private Guide client service users, "plastic surgery" in Thailand is cheaper than the cost of aesthetic facial surgery in Korea (but it turns out on the third day the patient no longer drinks any "pain killer", maybe that's the main advantage of aesthetic surgery in Thailand).

Want to know more about the special service package "Plastic Surgery at Bangkok, Thailand" as well as experience Thailand tours with Riana's Private Tour Guide? Contact Guide Riana for more information, plan schedules together, and book schedules.

Operasi Plastik Wajah di Bangkok Thailand, Cosmetic Surgery and Bangkok Tour After Surgery
[Photo : Me on Duty, Guide Riana while "on duty" as a translator for patient in the medical surgical room. Already like a doctor huh?]

Read more : Cosmetic Surgery and Bangkok Tour After Surgery.

Thailand is also known as a place of treatment for international patients with dental problems, the dentist / doctor's fee is reportedly cheaper but of high quality. From the experience of Guide Riana herself who has been seeing a dentist in Thailand because of a tooth root that hurts, dentists in Thailand are very patient, careful, and thorough. The dentist is very patient and careful, even Guide Riana who then had to ask that the treatment be ended by the doctor on that day to be continued tomorrow--very much different from when we went to a dentist at a health center in Indonesia, where the dentist behaves as if they are super busy, impatient, rude, and stingy about the time when asked by the patient about the health condition of their teeth. Regarding patience, the average dentist in Thailand is indeed proven careful and attentive to patients, considerate and sisterly.

Smart travel, it means being able to select destinations that will be visited--and a Private Guide will provide suggestions and advice for tourists in making consideration. For example, there are a large variety of tourist destination options that tourists can visit when visiting Pattaya (one of the areas in Thailand which is very popular for foreign tourists), ranging from the beauty of the beach, culinary, to enjoying the vineyard, but all tourist attractions in Pattaya can not be "bought all" in just one day of a tourist visit.

As an illustration, the distance between Bangkok and Pattaya takes about 2 hours by car. To return from Pattaya to Bangkok, it takes more than 2 hours, considering the traffic in the streets of Bangkok is very crowded when approaching the afternoon. So the time needed for a round trip from Bangkok to Pattaya, a total of 1 day has taken more than 4 hours. Therefore, it is very important to select the destination objects when planning a visit. That is always emphasized by Riana's Private Guide.

Open Trip is a tour package that allows tour participants to be combined with other travelers. While, Private Tour is personal (more free in arranging schedules and Tour Member's privacy is also more private), where the tour participants will not be combined with other participants / tourists, so that the group of traveler can be have close relationship with all participants, in the form of one family or one work colleague in the office. The tour presented by Guide Riana is more like a Private Tour, unless informed and agreed otherwise with prospective tour guide service users.

For those of you who want to visit Thailand with Riana's Freelance Tour Guide services, you can contact Riana Guide, at:
  • WhatsApp : (Thailand prexiks +66) 977-146-077
  • Telephone atau Online Chatting via Google Hangout :
  • email :

  1. Riana's Private Tour Guide working hours are 8 (eight) hours in 1 day of travel--count starts from / when the tour service users meets Guide Riana according to the agreed time schedule. If the user of Riana's tour guide service requires overtime for more than 8 hours / day of travel ("overtime"), then there are "overtime" rate provisions that can be agreed together with Guide Riana based on requests from users of tour guide services. However, Guide Riana still has the right to refuse such "overtime" requests. Therefore, it is important to selectively choose destination objects, instead of "buying up" all the tourist destination objects, especially if the length of the tour is only a matter of a few days. Thailand is very broad, it is not as wide as "Moringa leaves";
  2. Each member of the tour group whom guided by Guide Riana, PROHIBITED smoking or drinking any alcohol during the tour session. Violation of this provision, gives the right for Guide Riana to choose to maintain her health by ending the tour session, without the obligation to return tour funds to tourist group;
  3. Each member of the tour group participant to be "ON TIME" according to the schedule agreed in advance, and do not commit any illegal act that may violate law or public order in Thailand.
  4. If a potential service user does not immediately book a schedule by paying a booking fee, then Guide Riana has the right to provide schedule slots for other tourists who first effectively pay the cost of a sign of seriousness in the form of booking schedules (who is fast, he has the right to book Riana Guide tour schedule). The first to pay for the seriousness of booking schedule, he was the first to have the right to book Riana's Tour Guide schedule. Please be understandable, there are often other potential service users who often want to order a schedule or booking with the same exact date, so who is fast, then he gets the effective schedule.

Did you know, Thailand is a country that is a suitable and friendly tourist destination for couples who just married and want to take a sweet honeymoon, or for couples who want to celebrate their wedding anniversary with their children.

Guide Riana will guide Riana Tour Guide service users, to the most beautiful favorite places in Thailand that are full of unforgettable romantic nuances for couples who traveled (of course such personal privacy will be difficult to obtain by following tour packages from conventional tour company agents, so that is one of the features of the dynamic Guide Freelance in terms of schedules, travel planning, and the adventures of tourist users of the Freelance Tour Guide service).

Delicious Thai cuisine and pampering the tongue, natural beauty that resembles heaven, unique oriental Thai trinkets, acquainted with colorful Thai culture, and the hospitality of the local Thai people, delightful Thai souvenirs, and unforgettable beautiful moments during your visit and tour accompanied by Guide Riana's guide. All of that is ready to be enshrined through photo shots and souvenirs in the form of sweet memories as mementos to take home.

Following below is one of the other attractions, which are also quite popular in Thailand:
Objek Wisata Thailand, Disediakan Tour Leader Freelance Lokal Thailand
Objek Wisata Thailand, Disediakan Tour Leader Freelance Lokal Thailand
Objek Wisata Thailand, Disediakan Tour Leader Freelance Lokal Thailand
Objek Wisata Thailand, Disediakan Tour Leader Freelance Lokal Thailand
Objek Wisata Thailand, Disediakan Tour Leader Freelance Lokal Thailand
Everything in Thailand is HUGE. Even chili can be as big as a thumb, to the point that it can make us confused how to cook it. But, all vegetables and fruit in Thailand, all at affordable prices to buy and bring home
Objek Wisata Thailand, Disediakan Tour Leader Freelance Lokal Thailand
Objek Wisata Thailand, Disediakan Tour Leader Freelance Lokal Thailand
Objek Wisata Thailand, Disediakan Tour Leader Freelance Lokal Thailand
Despite being a country with the purpose of foreign tourists and global tourist destinations, culinary in Thailand is very cheap and friendly to the pockets of any tourist. Guaranteed every tourist will be full and satisfied.

Objek Wisata Thailand, Disediakan Tour Leader Freelance Lokal Thailand
Objek Wisata Thailand, Disediakan Tour Leader Freelance Lokal Thailand
Objek Wisata Thailand, Disediakan Tour Leader Freelance Lokal Thailand
The beauty of nature and the fertility of flora and fauna in Thailand, truly resembles a fairy tale world, a paradise of the world. Many tourists at first did not believe until when they came directly and saw it for themselves
Objek Wisata Thailand, Disediakan Tour Leader Freelance Lokal Thailand
In Thailand, many unique trinkets are found and sold, one of which is this one. Want to buy?
Objek Wisata Thailand, Disediakan Tour Leader Freelance Lokal Thailand
The government and the Thai community really ensure that every place can become a tourist destination for local and foreign tourists, including every factory in Thailand opened for visitors to visit
Objek Wisata Thailand, Disediakan Tour Leader Freelance Lokal Thailand
Objek Wisata Thailand, Disediakan Tour Leader Freelance Lokal Thailand
One of the famous temples in Thailand, the architecture is unique because all the buildings and ornaments are in blue
Objek Wisata dan Tour Guide Freelance di Thailand untuk Wisatawan Indonesia, Tour Leader Riana
Objek Wisata dan Tour Guide Freelance di Thailand untuk Wisatawan Indonesia, Tour Leader Riana
Objek Wisata dan Tour Guide Freelance di Thailand untuk Wisatawan Indonesia, Tour Leader Riana
Who said Sakura flowers only exist in Japan, in Thailand there are also Sakura trees in bloom
Objek Wisata dan Tour Guide Freelance di Thailand untuk Wisatawan Indonesia, Tour Leader Riana
Objek Wisata dan Tour Guide Freelance di Thailand untuk Wisatawan Indonesia, Tour Leader Riana
Objek Wisata dan Tour Guide Freelance di Thailand untuk Wisatawan Indonesia, Tour Leader Riana
Private Tour Guide Leader Bahasa Inggris, Mandarin, Inggris, dan Thailand di Bangkok
Thailand is rich in beautiful and amazing beaches, prove it yourself!
Private Tour Guide Leader Bahasa Inggris, Mandarin, Inggris, dan Thailand di Bangkok
Private Tour Guide Leader Bahasa Inggris, Mandarin, Inggris, dan Thailand di Bangkok

Private Tour Guide Leader Bahasa Inggris, Mandarin, Inggris, dan Thailand di Bangkok
Travel time from Soekarno-Hatta Airport (Jakarta, Indonesia) to the Airport in Bangkok, approximately 2.5 hours and vice versa
Private Tour Guide Leader Bahasa Inggris, Mandarin, Inggris, dan Thailand di Bangkok
Freelance Private Tour Guide Bangkok Thailand

Why choose Freelance / Private Tour Guide, not a Conventional Tour Agent Company?

Besides travel schedules are more flexible and costs are far more economical, with the assistance of a private tour guide, tourists can travel and enjoy a holiday abroad, without having to roll into one with a group of tourists who don't know each other. There's no need to waste too much money on five-star hotels, if tourists feel comfortable enough with a local inn not far from the destination object for overnight.

Together with Private Tour Guide, each member of the tourist group will be able to enjoy a family tour, or travel with one group of friends or colleagues in the office when filling and enjoying work days off, for example. Traveling together with friends, colleagues, or relatives and family members, will certainly be more fun and more personal among tour participants.

That way, you can vacation abroad with free steps, without having to be bound by the "itinerary" formalities made unilaterally by the organizer of the Tour Agent (itinerary is a schedule of daily activities that is strict, tight and monotonous, not personal and has been standardized) which resulted in tourists seemed to be in a hurry and competing with time in order to visit tourist attractions that you do not necessarily want to visit—besides the possibility, tour participants will feel anxious, afraid of being left behind by the group.

Such formal model tours become similar to marathon running, tour members are unable to fully enjoy the tour, especially absorb full freedom during the tour, bound by an inflexible and monotonous schedule. Private Tour Guide makes your vacation like a journey and adventure.

Private Tour Guide has a basic daily tour rate as daily based fee, which means tourist can hire the services of a Private Tour Guide for only one day (a matter of days) or during the time tourists take a vacation in Thailand. The famous term, "daily tourism in Thailand". Very flexible, based on agreement.

Private Tour Guide service tariffs are determined based on the duration of the tour in one day which ranges from seven to eight hours. When calculated as a whole by the client, the price can be far more economical than the cost of a conventional Tour Agent package.

As a result, clients can freely determine the details of travel plans to the places they want to visit in accordance with the wishes of the tourist personally and freely without being bound by any rigid standard tour format, also without fear of getting lost while traveling in Thailand because there is a Private Guide that guides during a tour.

Simply provide a list of places and attractions you want to visit, then how many days a tourist who uses Private Guide services will be on vacation, then Riana's Private Tour Guide will reorganize the client's vacation itinerary plan adequately to be more systematic, and most importantly: provide advice and suggestions regarding the destination the client plans to visit.

Such input becomes important, such as whether a particular tourist site can be accessed by a vehicle or not by a vehicle, or whether it is best to use public trains, is it possible for elderly and child group members to reach there, and there are also certain tourist destinations that require a full day of time allocation, to propose alternative attractions that might not have been thought of or known by the client.

For example, it is possible for clients to be tempted to visit as many tourist destinations as possible, such as Day One plans: visiting Grand palace and Temple of the Emerald Buddha, Wat Pho with a giant sleeping Buddha statue. “Not far from there" (crossing Sanam Luang Garden) there are National Museum and interactive Museum of Suwarnabumi Legend, Museum of Siam (including taking pictures with old Siamese clothes), and the Nitas Ratanakosin Museum which contains the history of Bangkok. After that, take a picture with the temple of Loha Prasat (Metal Castle) and Golden Mount on the 4th floor.

After witnessing historical heritage, playing in the Platinum Mall, MBK, Central World, Siam Square and Siam Paragon, all of which are "close together". The first day of the tour ended with watching a grand cultural night show of Siam Niramit, or a Thai Boxing match (Muay Thai).

Unfortunately, all of that is just the advertisement in the Tour Agent brochure, because if tourists tour participants really want to pursue all of these places in 1 full day, certainly every member of the tour must be in a hurry, out of breath, and not be able to really enjoy the tour or the natural beauty in Thailand, because at the first second stepped on the destination object, already had to chase the time to go elsewhere / somewhere else, so that tourists's travel time it will run out on a trip from one place to get to other places, like running a marathon.

Bangkok, is not a small city, especially Thailand, have many vast destination object to explore. Therefore, suggestions and input from Riana's Private Tour Guide, it is very important to select and give input what is actually the most wanted to visit (more precisely, what is more needed, not what is simply desired by clients who use tour services. That is the basic principle of Riana's Private Tour Guide).

And, no less important, specifically for tourists from Indonesia, Indonesian tourists are visa-free when entering Thailand through the airport, with a tourist visa for 30 days, despite the relatively close distance between Indonesia and Thailand, only takes 2.5 hours air flight from Jakarta's Soekarno-Hatta Airport to Bangkok, Thailand. You are WELCOME! See U soon... :)

Tour ke Hua Hin dan Bangkok, Bersama Private Tour Guide Riana di Thailand
Tour ke Hua Hin dan Bangkok, Bersama Private Tour Guide Riana di Thailand
[PHOTO : Guide Riana take a picture with tourists from Taiwan who are trying to wear traditional Thai clothes which are rented by a costume rental booth at Wat Arun, The White Temple at Bangkok.]

Tour ke Hua Hin dan Bangkok, Bersama Private Tour Guide Riana di Thailand
[PHOTO : White Temple in Bangkok, Wat Arun.]

[VIDEO : Animals in Thailand are also unique, this one monkey video could be one of its attractions.]

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